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How To Set Icons As Links In Groovepages - Quick Tutorial

This simple 3-minute demo will show you how to quickly configure your social media icons in Groovepages

  • Step 1 

  • Sign up for a Groovefunnels account here. For a limited time, Groovefunnels is looking for beta-testers to try the latest sales funnel building (and marketing automation) software FREE! Click the link to get your free Groove Digital account!

  • Step 2

  • Select the Groovepages app, and design your website! This simple drag-and-drop website editor will allow you to create a seamless user experience (UX) for your website visitors in a matter of minutes!

  • Step 3

  • Open the "elements" menu on the left, and drag an icon onto your webpage.  Resize and style the icon as needed.

  • Step 4

  • Click on the "Configure Tab" at the top right of your screen.  Select which icon you want, pick a color, and select a size.  Then click the pink checkmark.

  • Step 5

  • Select the "Link to" option, and pick whether you want to link to a block, page, or URL.  If you want to link to another website or social media page, select "URL."  Paste your link into the URL box.

  • Step 6

  • Enjoy your newly configured social media links!  These social media links can not only help you gain followers and engagement, but they can help with the SEO of your website, by associating it with the engagement your profiles get!

Why configure your social media icons as links?

In addition to driving more traffic to your social media pages and increasing your engagement, making the icons on your website act as links is a great way to add relevance and context to your website, both for Google and human user benefit.  By associating your website with social profiles that are getting traffic and engagement, you can quickly drive up both the authority and rank of your webpage.