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How To Setup A Subdomain For Your Groovekart Store

This quick tutorial will show you how to configure your Groovekart subdomain using cloudflare:

  • Step 1 

  • Sign up for a Groovefunnels account here. Get access to the best automated drop-shipping software and online store builder of 2021 completely free! One store is included free with your Groovefunnels Lite account. Upgrade to lifetime platinum access, and get unlimited online stores (one per week!)

  • Step 2

  • Build your online store using Groovekart's simple drag-and-drop editor. Importing products from your favorite platforms like Shopify, AliExpress, and Prinitfy is a breeze! Whether you want to dropship products, or create a print-on-demand (POD) store, it doesn't get any easier than Groove Digital!

  • Step 3

  • Click on Settings, and select "custom domain." Copy the link to your existing Groovekart store (yourname.groovekart.com)

  • Step 4

  • Type your desired subdomain into the empty box, right beneath where you copied the existing store link. It should look like this: store.yoursite.com

  • Step 5

  • Go to your DNS settings in Cloudflare, and add a "CNAME" record with "store" as the name, and paste the link Groovekart provided in the second box. Click save

  • Step 6

  • Enjoy your new store.yoursite.com subdomain! Using a subdomain as opposed to purchasing a new domain only takes a few minutes, saves you money, and keeps your branding consistent.

Why use a subdomain with your Groovekart store?

Using a subdomain with your Groovekart store is a great way to associate your products with your already existing brand, not to mention save money on a domain name. Instead of having two completely separate websites, you can just host your free Groovekart store on your SUBDOMAIN, keeping your entire brand under one website "umbrella."  Setting up your Groove Kart sub domain takes literally only a couple minutes.