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Groovefunnels/ Best Funnel Builder / Seo

Why is Groovefunnels the best funnel builder for SEO?

''Lightning fast page-load speeds, optimized for user experience, and profoundly easy''

  • James Jernigan - Most Effective SEO 2021

    James Jernigan, November 9th 2020 · 6 minute read

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    Powerful marketing software to get you found on Google!

    Despite what you may have heard, search engine optimization has never been easier than it is right now, in 2021!

    Thanks to the insanely powerful SEO potential of Groovefunnels, optimizing your website to rank at the top of Google search results is achievable by anyone!

    Popular Myths about Groovefunnels and Groove Digital

    Funnel Builders Can't Possibly Be Good for SEO 

    You Don't Really Own Your Website With Groovefunnels

    Groovefunnels Is Only For Affiliate Marketers

    These statements could not be further from the truth!

    Groovefunnels is not only good for SEO, it is THE BEST funnel builder for search engine optimization in history! Set titles, tags, and meta-data with a simple drag-and-drop builder. Experience lighting-fast page load speeds, and an unmatched user experience (UX.)

    Groovefunnels allow you to integrate domain names purchased elsewhere, meaning you can 100% own your website. You can even export your site as an HTML file in case you wish to switch platforms and rebuild it elsewhere.

    Groovefunnels is putting SEO agencies out of business!

    More and more people are discovering every day exactly why hundreds of thousands of people have already made the switch from other website and funnel building platforms like clickfunnels, wix, squarespace, shopify, builderall, and kartra...

    The surprisingly effective SEO features in Groovefunnels, GrooveKart, and Groovepages are helping people get found on Google organically, meaning they can spend less on ppc (pay per click) campaigns, facebook ads, and google ads.  

    Try it today!

    Here's How Groovefunnels SEO Works:

    The definitive guide on how to perform seo on your Grooovefunnels website:  How to optimize groovepages to be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

    This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through optimizing your groove funnels pages for search engines and search results.  If you follow these simple instructions, you can likely get your website to rank on the first page of Google!

    If your website is not currently ranking on page one, and you aren't using Groovefunnels yet...  Maybe it's time to switch?

    How can I get more help with Groovefunnels SEO?

    Get 24/7 live SEO help with your Groovefunnels site anytime!

    #1 Ranking affiliate for terms "groovefunnels seo" and "groovefunnels training" 

    Here to help you make the switch smoothly, and start ranking in Google

    Message me ANY TIME!  

    What makes Groovefunnels so great for search engine optimization?

    It is the first marketing platform (funnel building software) to give users ultimate control over your position in the serp, by providing powerful tools to maximize optimization, and outrank your competitors. 

    This is really unbelievable!  In less than 3 months, I have over 10 websites ranking on  the first page of Google for the keywords they target!

    I didn't have to do any magic tricks, or pay anyone a bunch of money for backlinks, either!  

    Just idiot-proof HIGHLY EFFECTIVE optimization and seo tools built right in!  No need for expensive integrations...

    James Jerningan · Groovefunnels SEO Expert

    Questions and Answers About Groovefunnels SEO Features

    Q: Do groovefunnels sites rank on Google?

    Of course they do!  You found this one, didn't you?  It was built and optimized 100% in Groove!

    Q: Do I need to be an expert to rank a Groovefunnels site #1 on Google?

    No way!  Ranking #1 on Google with a Groovefunnels website is extremely easy to do, if you follow my tips!  Just click the purple button and  message me "learn seo" and I will show you how for free!

    Q: How do I upload an xml sitemap in Groovefunnels?

    Currenlty, it is not possible to upload a xml sitemap in groovepages. However, this will not impact your rank on Google, as Google has recently started indexing pages automatically!

    Q: Is the Groovefunnels lifetime upgrade worth it ?

    Absolutely! Not only do you get unlimited websites and funnels, but you also get instant access to the most powerful marketing and business automation tools available in 2021! Try the most powerful website building platform for SEO today!

    Conclusion: Should You Use Groovepages for SEO?

    Absolutely YES!

    Groovefunnels is the absolute top rated funnel building platform for seo professionals. 

    Groovefunnels sites rank on Google like wildfire!

    Groove Funnels is the simplest way to make a high ranking website in 2021, and beyond!

    How To Get Groovefunnels Free in 2021?

    That's super easy!

    Step 1: You should click this link NOW!

    Step 2: Enjoy the powerful SEO benefits of being a lifetime member!

    Get The Best Funnel Builder for SEO of 2021!

    What are you waiting for?  Did I mention you get your first 3 websites FREE FOR LIFE?  Upgrade today and build unlimited websites with NO MONTHLY FEES!

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    Charlie Murphy · 6 minutes ago

    What can I say?  Eff your couch! haha jk.... Groovefunnels is simply amazing. I don't know how I'd run my business without it!

    Peter Griffin· 35 minutes ago

    Bird is the word!  And Groovefunnels is my new favorite website builder for seo.  Have you tried it yet?  Why are you still reading?  Just give it a whirl, its free!

    Homer Simpson· 2 minutes ago

    Google loves comments and reviews, so that's why this is here. You can find TONS of real reviews on GF official site, and in the Facebook group. This was just made up and put here for SEO purposes, but seriously, Groovefunnels is awesome!

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